Success Stories

Tricot Liesse

The Client

Tricot Liesse, a knitting manufacturer.

Britton Electric’s Mandate

As part of a move to new facilities, Tricot Liesse asked Britton Electric to provide the electrical support needed to relocate 90 knitting machines.


The Scope of Work

Britton Electric was required to prepare all the necessary electrical wiring at the new plant, disconnect the knitting machines prior to the move and then reinstall them afterwards.


The mandate required 1 project manager and depending on the specific requirements, the number of electricians ranged from 4 to 18 at any given time.

Britton’s Strengths

  • New construction
  • Power distribution

Britton’s Specialized Expertise

  • Industrial equipment installation
  • Plant set-up
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Repair, refurbish and rebuild electrical equipment

The Challenges

Since the electrical requirements were only one aspect of the move to the client’s new premises, careful consideration had to be given to the way that Britton’s mandate fit into the overall schedule.


To minimize the amount of downtime Tricot Liesse experienced, the disconnection and reinstallation of the knitting machines had to be completed within two days. To meet this tight deadline, the entire project was thoroughly planned out prior to the start of the job.


The knitting machines were not all the same; some were new and some were of an older vintage. Each of the knitting machines had its own precise requirements that had to be deciphered and determined prior to the move, including varying voltage specifications. It was necessary to ensure that all the equipment conformed to code due to the age of some of the knitting machines. All of these variables meant that no one piece of equipment could be installed in the same way as another and each reconnection called for distinct work that was specific to the respective knitting machine.


All of the work had to be performed while the plant continued to operate.


What Britton’s people brought to the table

The ability to:

  • Map out the entire project prior to implementation and complete it as planned
  • Assign the appropriate number of electricians for the different components to control expenses while ensuring the appropriate staffing levels
  • Work co-operatively within a larger project
  • Meet tight deadlines
  • Apply experience and demonstrate attentiveness to detail in the installation of dissimilar equipment