Britton Electric established 'Méritas', a monthly employee reward program that recognizes individuals for their commitment to their work, their team and the Company. Those eligible include apprentices, electricians and foremen in the Construction Department as well as the Company’s support staff. These worthy individuals are chosen by a committee of Project Managers.
December 2020
Mr. Vincent Auclair

Mr. Vincent Auclair has been with the company since May 2004. Even though he has been in the position as a foreman for only 9 months, his way of working is identical to that of a foreman with 10 years experience. He doesn’t count his time; he leads the workforce in an orderly and firm manner. He researches the tools at his disposal to find answers to his questions, and he uses Procore wisely. His determination will help him advance within the Company.

Ms. Julie Arseneau
Support for Project Managers

Ms. Julie Arseneau has been with the company since February 2015. Recently, she has been involved in the REM projects, but she stands out for her persistence, hard work, dedication and good humor. She manages the project in a remarkable way and responds quickly to questions from the Project Manager, Coordinators and Foremen.