About Britton

Leaders in Electrical Contracting

Dedication to our métier, commitment to excellence, focus on customer service

Our Beginnings

In the late 1940’s an energetic and entrepreneurial young man set out to build what in now the leading electrical contractor in Québec.

Harvey I. Britton, the founder of Britton Electric, had a dream, a vision, all built upon the business principle that customer service is at the heart of any successful company. We learned his lesson well and we continue to uphold these ideals every day.

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How It All Started

Our Company

Our head office is located in Montréal. We provide all of Québec with a complete range of electrical contracting services and related products.

There is no other Québec-based company that offers this full complement of services.

And because emergencies are never planned, we can mobilize crews any time of day or night.

Our Team Makes the Difference

It is the people, our Company’s most important asset, who are instrumental in driving and maintaining the success of Britton Electric.

We employ those with a strong work ethic and sense of accountability to ensure that each and every job receives exacting attention to detail and quality.

We promote collaboration and consultation among all our staff and departments. This fosters a culture that encourages our team to find innovative solutions to any challenge.

We support our employees through the recognition of their excellence and provide them with advancement opportunities.

We have created an atmosphere where our employees – from the administrative and office staff to the electricians on the road and right up through our management team – stay with Britton Electric for many years.

We enjoy a remarkably low turnover rate, which brings stability to our Company, and more importantly to our customers. We know our clients and they know us, built on years of doing business together.

Our Company’s values guide everyone at Britton in their day-to-day activities and interactions with each other and with our clients.

Our Values

  1. Integrity
  2. Team spirit
  3. Dedication
  4. Respect for others

Clients First – Service First

The passion that drives us at Britton Electric is the desire to provide to all our customers the highest quality workmanship, quickly and efficiently, while offering the best price possible in the industry.

We focus on implementing the latest technologies and leading innovation initiatives so that we are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

We listen and are responsive to our clients’ needs, providing the best possible service when and where it is needed. At Britton, all projects, small or large, complex or straightforward are equally important and receive our exacting focus on quality.

More than a catchy phrase, 24/7 represents our approach to customer service

Health, Safety and Environment

Our goal is prevention and we have instituted company-wide health and safety programs. 

We have an active Safety Committee that works to ensure that we constantly implement best practices.

Regularly scheduled meetings, communications and feedback are an integral part of Britton Electric where relevant safety issues are discussed and reviewed.

Green initiatives are part of our everyday practice, including environmentally responsible recycling and disposal of materials.

Many of our projects are LEED certified and we participate in government programs that promote energy efficiency.

HSE is Part of the Britton Culture

Health, Safety and Environment

Our Management Team

Many of the members of our Management Team have been with Britton Electric for many years. A number have also worked their way up through the company, enjoying successful career paths. They bring in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of our clients.  The Management Team promotes the Company culture that encourages the ongoing training and development of our people and the advancement of our employees’ careers.


The strength of Britton’s capacity allows us to do what we do faster, better and more intelligently.

We have the experience and are structured to meet the specialized needs of the various markets we serve – industrial, institutional, commercial and residential.

It is dedication to our métier, our commitment to excellence and our focus on customer service that has made Britton Electric the leading electrical contractor in the province of Québec.

Real-time Information

  • Our people are supported by the latest software and technical advancements, all integrated to provide real-time information and a customer service that is proactive.

Talent and Expertise

  • The Britton team is trained in multiple skill sets and leverages its strong engineering talent. There is close collaboration across these many disciplines and departments. We have the necessary talent and expertise to handle the most complex of technical challenges.

Project Management

  • Our integrated Project Management approach and infrastructure brings responsiveness between the onsite, the offsite and the other trades we work with. Through skilled coordination and precise execution, we deliver excellence to our clients.

Who We Work With

Britton Electric works with many General Contractors, ranging from small, specialized GCs to very large and multi-disciplined organizations.

Our long-standing relationships and repeat business demonstrate that our partners have come to depend on us for our know-how, strong administrative capabilities and our ability to work in coordination with multiple trades.

We have years of experience working in partnership and in combination with consulting engineers in the various markets of industrial, institutional and commercial electrical contracting.

What consulting engineers design, we execute. Britton Electric is an integral part of the team: 

  • We work from fully designed drawings and specifications provided by our clients’ architects and engineers
  • Our in-house team of project managers collaborates with customers’ design professionals
  • We provide technical services and site surveys
  • We assist consulting engineers conducting due diligence and we often work jointly with them.

Many consulting engineers have made us their electrical contractor of choice.

Britton Electric works with insurance companies in numerous ways. 

Following an emergency caused by a major electrical failure, fire or flood, we assist our clients during the claim process and cooperate, as needed, with the insurance adjustors. We find the fastest and most cost-effective way to restore service, whether it is to repair or to replace the electrical components. 

Many insurance companies require a client to participate in a Preventative Maintenance Program as a condition of coverage. Britton Electric performs Thermographic Inspections that detects many weaknesses and defects, not visible to the eye, and before they lead to equipment failure. Our technicians are specially trained to analyze the data onsite, and if required, can perform any emergency repairs immediately.