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The commercial sector covers a wide variety of building types. The importance of functionality of both the building and the site is what distinguishes commercial installations from other sectors. Britton Electric has the expertise to respond to the multiple aspects of these design elements and adapt quickly to changing plans.


Industrial and heavy industrial installations are technologically intensive and complex. They are engineering-oriented and call for a high degree of skill, with specialized expertise. Britton Electric’s team has the depth of engineering talent to meet these rigorous professional demands.


Buildings in the institutional sector are designed to provide services to the population. They present a unique set of construction criteria and challenges because these installations are used intensively, sometimes 24/7. Having worked on many major institutional projects, the Britton Electric team demonstrates excellence in implementing these rigorous construction standards.


Condominiums, apartment complexes and high-end residential properties each have their own unique set of requirements that go beyond just the installation of electrical services. Britton Electric understands the need to demonstrate respect for the client’s common areas and personal property and, at all times, to keep an immaculate work area.
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