Construction and Renovation

Residential and Smart Home

We maintain electrical services, whenever possible, because people’s quality of life depends on our ability to do so.

Unique Requirements of the Residential Markets

Condominiums, apartment complexes and high-end residential properties each have their own unique set of requirements that goes beyond just the installation of electrical services.

Britton Electric understands the need to:

• Demonstrate complete respect for the client’s property
• Keep an immaculate work area
• Pay great attention to the smallest of details

Many times, we are called upon to maintain electrical services, whenever possible, because people’s quality of life depends on our ability to do so.

Power Distribution

Britton Electric delivers complete electrical installations with power distribution and electrical supply to other building systems in condominiums and apartment complexes. Available in both new construction and renovations, our services include the installation of lighting, systems and cabling, plus customized home automation and programming of control panels.

Our Expertise

• Interior, common area and exterior lighting
• Lighting control and automation
• Intercom systems
• Fire alarm systems
• Security alarms
• Emergency generator systems
• Audio/Visual integration, wiring and cabling
• Computer and data network cabling

Smart Home in Residential

Smart Home (also called Domotics) is one of our specialties. At Britton, our electricians are certified by industry leaders in the system design, professional installation and custom programming of sophisticated smart home systems.

Hilo by Hydro-Québec

Hilo by Hydro-Québec is a smart energy turnkey service. Britton manages and is responsible for the Hilo program throughout the province as the lead electrical installation and service partner. Using energy efficient connected devices, electrical consumption is reduced. (The installation is at no cost to qualifying Hilo subscribers.)

Lutron Certified

We are one of the few companies in Québec to be a ‘Certified Installer’ and ‘Certified Reseller’ of Lutron Electronics. Lutron’s products control lights and smart shades with the touch of a button or a digital control interface. Entire home systems can be integrated, with automated scheduling, for a complete residential solution.

The Britton Advantage

  1. Understanding of the unique requirements of working in the residential sector
  2. Recognized by industry leaders of smart home products
  3. Years of experience in smart home programming and installations
  4. Chosen as the province’s lead installation and service partner for the program Hilo by Hydro-Québec