Construction and Renovation

High, Medium, Low Voltage

The talent of the Britton Team is well known. Whether the project is large or small, we are always ready to take on any job.

Full Range of Services

Working in this environment requires a high level of technical and engineering expertise.

Britton Electric is recognized in the industry as one of the few electrical contractors in Québec that has the specialized skills needed in the field of high voltage and substation work.

Our many years of experience gives us the ability to offer a full range of services.

Our Specialties

  1. Hydro-Québec line transfers
  2. High voltage Hydro-Québec service entrance
  3. Low voltage Hydro-Québec service entrance
  4. High voltage equipment
  5. Installation and repair of high voltage cables
  6. Transformer and high voltage cable testing
  7. High voltage exterior and interior substations
  8. Start-up and commissioning of substations
  9. Preventative maintenance of high and low voltage substations
  10. Electrical Circuit Analysis
  11. Voltage sag and swell
  12. Kilowatt
  13. Power factor
  14. Harmonic
  15. Amperage
  16. Kilovolt amperage
  17. Power consumption

The Britton Advantage

  1. One of the few electrical contractors in the province with skills in this field
  2. The Britton Team has the technical and engineering expertise to work in this complex environment
  3. Complete range of services including highly specialized services
  4. Commitment to excellence on projects of all sizes