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Whether it is to maintain productivity in commerce and industry, to protect people in an institutional building or keep homes safe, the Britton team has the experience to deliver generator solutions that meet each of these unique requirements.

Backup Power in Commerce and Industry

When a power failure occurs, an installed generator ensures the continued supply of electricity to support manufacturing facilities, commercial enterprises and retail environments. The generator allows for the affected enterprise to continue its operation, with little or no loss of productivity.

Backup Power to Protect People - Institutional

An institutional generator installation, found in hospitals, schools, hotels, apartment complexes and condos, is done where there are people and lives to protect.

To ensure the highest standards of security, the Life Safety Code, a set of protocols and strategies, are put in place. This includes the installation of 2-hour fire-rated specialized electrical cables that can withstand fire for 2 hours.

When a fire or other emergency occurs, it is critical that generators and back-up systems supply power to the fire alarms, sprinkler systems, communication networks and emergency lighting.

The Britton Team

Britton Electric can act as the General Contractor – providing a complete turnkey solution.

Britton has all the required experience to:

  • Deliver all the drawings, supported by the Britton BIM – VDC Department
  • Pre-selection and bid procurement 
  • Prepare specifications
  • Assure adherence to sound specifications as per zoning requirements
  • Expertise to determine overall needs and rates of consumption to establish the proper size of generator 
  • Determine most appropriate fuel type
  • Secure bids and provide recommendations our clients
  • Provide the necessary plans to obtain the city approval and permits

To ensure that our clients are always up to date and fully informed, we assign a single point of contact who works in close coordination with the other members of the Britton team and all the sub-trades.

The Britton Advantage

  1. Resources to provide a complete turnkey solution with a single point of contact
  2. Strong Engineering and BIM – VDC Departments
  3. Experience to assess the benefits of different options along with evaluation of future capacity requirements

Ensuring Back-Up Power - Residential 

Britton Brings Its Commitment to Excellence and High-Level Service


Working in the residential sector requires that we demonstrate complete respect for our client’s personal property, pay great attention to the smallest of details and keep an immaculate work area.

Working very closely with our customers, we: 

  • Perform an onsite evaluation
  • Determine best location for the generator
  • Assess the load required; what will need to be powered during an electrical outage
  • Recommend the most appropriate generator along with fuel types
  • Ensure that recommended generator meets local municipal codes including noise levels


Understanding the differences and delivering on the requirements of these unique environments and sectors.