Technical and specialized services

Arc Flash Hazard Study

The purpose is to analyze the system and implement procedures that will minimize the risk of injury in the case of an arc flash incident.

The Purpose

The purpose of an Arc Flash Hazard Study is to analyze the electrical distribution system and implement procedures that will minimize the risk of injury to a worker in the case of an arc flash incident.

Britton Electric is one of the very few electrical contractors who is capable of performing this vital service that includes analyses, equipment labelling and training.

Arc Flash Hazard Calculations

Information Gathering

  • Before any testing and analysis can be done, a full inventory of the entire electrical distribution system is taken.
  • Depending on the different types of equipment that may be installed, decisions are made to determine the necessary processes to be followed.
  • Britton has the experience and expertise to adapt the Arc Flash Hazard Study to all types of electrical installations.

Protection Relay Coordination Analysis

  • Review current-time curve and single-line diagrams
  • Determine if the system conforms to health and safety regulations
  • Adjustment and calibration of protection relays

System Modelling and Analyses

  • To determine the level of risk the entire electrical system is first modelled, then short-circuit and incidental energy analyses are conducted. This is done to see how the system behaves and how much energy will be released in an arc flash event.
  • Calculations are made to determine the incident energy level, the arc flash hazard boundary and type and level of the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that must be worn at each location and corresponding to the specific hazard risk category.

Arc Flash Hazard Mitigation


  • Based on the analyses and calculation, each component of the electrical distribution system is labelled indicating the levels of risk, voltage and detailed safety information.

Training and Education

  • Explanation of all the different sections on the label
  • Instruction provided to workers on how to work safely and adhere to the required levels of protection

Reports, Recommendations and Corrective Measures

  • Reports and recommendations are prepared and presented
  • Implementation of corrective measures and required improvements are made to minimize risk of exposure to arc flash hazards
  • Findings are integrated into the client’s Health and Safety program
  • Compliance with: CNESST, CSA C22.10-18, CSA Z462-18, CSA Z463-18, IEEE 1584-2018, NFPA 70E-2018.

The Britton Advantage

  1. One of the few electrical contractors in Québec with Arc Flash Hazard Study expertise
  2. Experienced in this specialized and highly technical study
  3. Trained to understand diverse electrical installations
  4. Strong electrical engineering capabilities to perform tests and analyse results