Defi Corporatif Canderel

Canderel is the organizer of one of Montreal’s biggest fund-raisers, the Defi Corporatif Canderel, started in 1989. The first Friday every May, over a hundred teams of five or more runners, representing various companies throughout the city, gather for a fun-filled run through the streets of downtown Montreal. Each team dresses up in the craziest, most imaginative costumes possible.

Over $6 million has been raised for cancer research at two of Montreal’s major universities. This money has yielded tangible, measurable results. Specialized equipment, research grants and much more has been made possible.

Britton Electric is proud to be both a sponsor and one of the participating teams in the Defi Corporatif Canderel since 1995. In 2004 Britton Electric won the prize for best costume. Our racers dressed as fish from Finding Nemo, with the motto ‘finding a cure’.