[:en]The Biogen Idec Neige Express for Multiple Sclerosis[:fr]Neige Express pour la sclérose en plaques Biogen Idec[:]

The Heuga Center in the United States was created to teach those living with MS about how to manage their life using exercise and a positive ‘can-do’ attitude.

When Canadian Tom Phelps attended the program it was not yet offered here and the cost precluded many people from attending. It provided 45 hours of individualized attention and educational seminars, in-depth health assessments and a highly qualified multidisciplinary staff.

Motivated to help others experience such a program, Tom, along with volunteer Karen Willison, organized the first Canadian Snow Express / Neige Express for MS fund-raiser, at Ontario’s Beaver Valley Ski club in 1997. Since then it has become an annual event taking place in three locations: Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario; Sunshine Village in Banff, Alberta; and Gray Rocks in Mount Tremblant, Québec.

For the past number of years Biogen Idec Canada has supported the events, thus far raising over $1 million dollars to provide scholarships for Canadians to attend five-day wellness programs with their caregivers.

Britton Electric is a proud sponsor of the Biogen Idec Neiges Express for Multiple Sclerosis.