Coordination and Execution


With its excellent reputation in the industry, the team brings together the collaboration of people, the latest BIM technology and leading-edge visualization tools.

People, Tools and Technology

The Britton Electric BIM – VDC Department’s large team has depth of experience and knowledge and is at the forefront in the use of BIM – VDC in electrical contracting.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that provides digital representations of physical spaces. Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is the ongoing collaborative process in which all design and construction partners work in a 3D environment.

The Department brings value to our clients using accurate and real-time information to plan and coordinate before any work is done. Complex and potential issues are known in advance and are solved. This is achieved by leveraging and consolidating the interactive modelling that is shared by all the project partners.

With its excellent reputation in the industry, the team brings together the collaboration of people, the latest BIM technology and leading-edge visualization tools.

The integration of BIM into our electrical installation process delivers many benefits to our customers including lower costs, faster turn-arounds and increased precision.

Increased precision, lower costs, faster turn-arounds

Many BIM expertises available


Cost Estimation and Budget Analysis

To properly plan the scope of the electrical contracting project, the Britton Electric BIM – VDC Department implements 5D BIM. This includes the extraction and analysis of data to provide cost estimates and estimated purchasing requirements. It also calculates the potential changes that may be incurred during the installation. Virtual reality (VR) gives an instantaneous 3D image of the volumetric view of the building and provides detail into the complexity of the structure.


• Real-time costing with notification of changes, including cost and budgetary analyses with predicted and actual spends over time

• Provides automatic count of needed electrical components and equipment

• Minimizes cost overruns with regular reporting and budgeting

• Insight into the complexity of the project


Design using Integrated Design Process (IDP)

IDP is a conceptual design approach by engineers that emphasizes the collaboration between the design and construction partners, including electrical contractors, and optimizes their interaction. This process is particularly effective in design-build construction projects. This stage includes:

• 3D scan and capture digitizing the existing building and systems from the field to the BIM model

• Simulations, scenario studies, design validation and virtual construction


• Enhanced visualization of the entire project

• Improves communications and collaboration between all stakeholders

• Reduces the amount of changes and revisions


Coordination and Clash Detection

Coordination and clash detection are critical parts of the integrated BIM modeling process. Navisworks, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are used to identify where the elements of different models may overlap or interfere with each other. These conflicts are then managed among the different trades.


  • Prevents errors before onsite work is done.
  • Ensures compatibility across all models Saves time, effort and improves cost efficiencies.
  • Improves coordination between all trades.


An integral part of the BIM - VDC process.

Britton Electric’s Prefab Department is an integral part of the BIM – VDC process. This in-house department builds electrical components to the exacting specifications provided by the BIM – VDC Department. There is close collaboration between the BIM Department, the Prefab Department and Britton’s engineers, onsite Project Coordinators and Foremen.


• Prefab leverages the precision of the BIM – VDC process

• Collaboration and sharing of information allow for quick response to modifications

• Improves the speed of onsite installations


Onsite Installation

Onsite installations benefit from important advancements in technology that bring BIM to the field. Using Robotic Total Stations, hundreds of electrical component data points are placed onsite in a single day. Augmented reality (AR), deployed during the onsite installation process, is used to plan and coordinate the on-site installation. With 3D virtual navigation, the team can visualize the installation of electrical components on the onsite view.


• Robotic Total Stations provide significantly improved precision and accuracy of layout, with less personnel

• Instant access to data

• Increases speed of installation

• Augmented reality provides an additional level of quality control, ensuring that the installation is on track with the BIM model


Facility Management Information

Once the installation and construction are complete, the management and day-to-day operations of the facility is handed over to building manager and owners. 7D BIM brings together all necessary information to maintain the building, including manuals, warranty and technical specifications. This is kept in single place within the BIM model.


• Ensures proper maintenance of the entire electrical distribution system

• Improves customer service

• Organizes all documentation in one place

• Increases building management efficiencies

The Britton Advantage

  1. The BIM - VDC Department has years of experience and is an integral part of how Britton Electric delivers excellence to our clients.
  2. The team brings together people with advanced knowledge of electrical distribution. The Department is continually expanding its expertise and deepening its mastery of the BIM - VDC process.
  3. Within the electrical contracting world, the Britton BIM - VDC Department is one of the largest of its kind in Canada.
  4. Central to the Department are the people who work in collaboration and coordination. This is reflected in the culture and attitude of the team, which continues to grow in number.
  5. Innovation is key. The team is always researching and implementing new technologies to improve our BIM - VDC offerings.
  6. Large scale projects include: Place Bell Laval, Ericsson Global ICT in Vaudreuil, IKEA Distribution Centre in Beauharnois, Banque National, Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada in Gatineau.