Coordination and Execution


Our years of experience in design-build have led us to become the leading electrical contractor in the province of Québec.

About Design-Build

At Britton Electric, we have the expertise and people to carry out all-inclusive design-build projects, including drawings, to provide a full turnkey solution.

Our main objectives are to meet our customer’s requirements including specialized requests, deliver maximum value and ensure that our clients benefit from a rapid return on investment.

Our in-house team of qualified engineers and project managers work in partnership with our customer, the ‘maitre d’oeuvre’ as well as the design and architectural professionals. This may involve budgeting and cost control, consultations during the design phase, priority setting and work scheduling. Teamwork in design-build is essential to deliver a total solution and complete a successful project.

We provide detailed plans, together with performance specifications. The plans take into account the ultimate goal of the project and are designed with an understanding of the purpose of the building and the overall needs of the people who will use it.

We apply our design-build experience on LEED projects. Britton Electric has the expertise and is fully qualified to work on projects at all certification levels. For these projects we incorporate LEED specifications in our proposals.

The Britton BIM – VDC Department leverages our people, visualization tools and the latest technologies in 3D design. This is combined with our robust Prefab Department, building to the exacting specifications of the BIM models. This leads to increased precision, lower installed costs and faster turnarounds.

Our years of experience in design-build, LEED, 3D BIM design and prefab have led us to become the leading electrical contractor in the province of Québec.