Coordination and Execution


A method of construction and renovation used when the first priority is to complete the project as quickly as possible.

About Fast-Track

The work is executed on the fly, moving ahead even while the designs are in progress. A hallmark of this type of project is that the plans are not finalized prior to the commencement of the work.

The benefit to the client is a fast-track project can be finished much sooner than conventional methods.

The construction or renovation of the building is done concurrently as the engineering plans are evolving. The architects revise and redesign as the work continues.

To manage the many changes that occur, fast-track projects call for onsite responsiveness, organization and close cooperation between the client, their general contractor and design specialists, and the Britton Electric project manager and foreman.

Additionally, Britton Electric has the infrastructure and business relationships to manage the coordination and the delivery of all the electrical components that are needed at the right time.

Experienced and proficient, Britton Electric’s field staff are prepared to provide workarounds in unexpected situations while keeping in sync with the entire project.