Health Safety and Environment

The Environment

The protection of our environment is important to everyone.

Environmental Responsibility

The protection of our environment is important to everyone.

Through the work we do, Britton has implemented ways in which we improve our environmentally-friendly processes and help our clients become more energy efficient.

On our worksites we:

  • Implement Lean construction methods to reduce waste
  • Recover recyclable materials
  • Dispose of materials in an environmentally conscious fashion


Green Initiatives

Our work on LEED projects has spanned many years. We have demonstrated expertise in this building environment and work in full compliance with these norms.

We offer energy consumption studies to encourage the economical use of power and to increase energy efficiency.

Britton manages and is responsible for the Hilo by Hydro-Québec program throughout the province and is the lead electrical installation and service partner. Hilo is a ‘smart energy’ turnkey program to optimize efficiency and reduce electricity bills.

We participate in the Hydro-Québec LED lighting upgrades initiative Efficient Solutions Program.

With experience and ongoing attention to the rigorous demands of workplace integrity, we take all the necessary measures to ensure the protection of people and property. And, we continue to look for new initiatives that will safeguard our environment.