Arc Flash

Britton Electric is one of the very few electrical contractors who is capable of performing this vital service: the protection against Arc Flash Hazards including analysis and equipment labelling

  • Information gathering
  • Single-line diagram
  • System modeling
  • Short circuit and current calculations
  • Current-time curve drawings
  • Incidental current calculations
  • Energy calculations and safe distance findings
  • Protection levels and personal protective equipment selection
  • Equipment labelling
  • Reports and recommendations
  • Integration of the analysis within the Health and Safety Program
  • Training
Information Gathering
  • Drawings, coordination & short-circuit analyses
  • Sub-stations, distribution, panels
  • Cable lengths
System Analysis
  • Calculation and system simulation to determine levels of protection

CAN/CSA-Q 396.1.2 – 1989

Protection Relay Coordination Analysis
  • Adjustment and calibration of protection relays
Integration into the Health and Safety Program

Compliance With:

  • Quebec Electrical Code
  • NFPA 70E, IEEE1584 and CSA Z462-12 standards
  • C.S.S.T. requirements
Levels of Protection against Electric Arc Flashes (Z462-12 and NFPA 70E)
  • Personal protective equipment
Category Cal/cm2 Clothing
0 1.2 Untreated Cotton
1 4 Flame retardant (FR) shirt and FR pants
2 8 Cotton underwear FR shirt and FR pants
3 25 Cotton underwear FR shirt, FR pants and FR coveralls
4 40 Cotton underwear FR shirt, FR pants and double layer switching coat and pants
Correction & System Improvement
  • Addition of protection devices to minimize risks of exposure