Britton Electric is at the forefront of the electrical contracting industry and has extensive experience and knowledge in maximizing the benefits of new technologies such as BIM.

Leveraging the power of BIM and with our strong construction site as well as our engineering expertise, we have developed an implementation process that allows for the smooth transitions from design and virtual coordination, to pre-fabrication at our In-plant shop, through to the installation phase.

Using the latest technologies such as the cloud computing, tablets and smart phones, the team at Britton Electric ensures enhanced communication, collaboration and understanding between the field staff and office staff.

Through this communication, the concept can be adapted quickly and responsively to the changing conditions on the construction site, in real-time.

The integration of BIM into our electrical installation process delivers many benefits to our customers including lower costs, faster turn-arounds and increased precision.


While on a renovation project, we use laser scanners to capture precisely the existing site conditions. This allows us to verify the accuracy of our design. These important first steps facilitate the virtual coordination phase.

Photos of existing site conditions
Photos converted to 3D interactive 'point cloud'. This is used to navigate through and measure the actual site conditions
Revit 3D 'point cloud' used to validate the existing on-site conditions
Britton Account:
On one of our projects we were able to identify discrepancies between the ‘as-built’ structural plans and the actual on-site conditions. These differences would have been impossible to detect using conventional methods. We were then able to modify our design accordingly, avoiding errors, omissions and additional costs.

Using Revit software, we can increase the level of detail of the plans from the design phase to the installation phase. Revit also facilitates the virtual coordination phase.



Using cloud computing, information, plans, specifications, photos and more, are shared in real time. Throughout the BIM process, this information is communicated both equally between our office and the construction site, as on the site itself between our foremen and electricians.

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Using Revit and the BIM process, we are able to automate the creation of our shop drawings, which improves our turn-around time. Also, if there are design changes, revisions to the drawings can be done quickly and correctly. This ensures that the shop drawings used for pre-fabrication and installation consistently and accurately reflect the latest design.

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Using Britton Electric internally developed software, we are able to automate our export process from Revit to the tablets and the smartphones used on the work sites by our foremen. This ensures that the latest designs are always are always followed, leading to improved accuracy and quicker completion of the work.

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  • Large team of experienced in-house BIM team
  • Customized Britton software that automates the
    • export process to tablets, smart phones and printers via the cloud computing to ensure that everyone is working from the latest design
    • internal processes to create detailed plans and instructions
    • creation of shop drawings for custom-built parts
  • Britton custom software shortens delays and ensures greater accuracy
  • Improved procurement procedures for precise and complete ordering
  • Validation of accurate site conditions
  • Britton In-plant shop for pre-fabrication and custom-built parts
Britton Account:
On one of our projects we were able to handle the modification of over 65,000 elements, following a complex set of rules and conditions in a matter of days instead of weeks.

Our experienced in-house BIM team created custom software that enables us to automate a number of our internal processes, shortening delays and ensuring greater accuracy.


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