Charging Stations

Today, more and more electric cars are being sold as an environmentally friendly alternative to fuel burning vehicles.

As such, there is a greater need for easy and convenient ways to recharge the batteries that power the car.

Qualified electricians should perform the installation of 240+ volts charging stations. These charging stations can be purchased at many locations.

The expert team at Britton Électrique has the necessary experience to ensure that the installation is done properly – in accordance to strict CSA standards and with complete adherence to building codes and regulations.

Whether it is the installation of just one residential charging station or in larger numbers at commercial locations, the team at Britton Électrique is focused on customer service and dedicated to excellence.

Britton Électrique is competitively priced and all our jobs, large or small, receive our exacting attention to detail and quality.

Car owners have a number of options available – home charging stations as well as charging stations at the place of business. The province of Québec has created ‘The Electric Circuit’, a large public network throughout Québec with more than 330 public roadside charging stations in operation.

To offset the costs, the province of Québec is offering rebates to both commercial enterprises and homeowners for the cost and installation of 240+ volts charging stations.

Rebate information on ‘Le programme Branché au travail’ > entreprises

Rebate information on residential installations > particuliers

The Association des Véhicles Électriques du Québec offers additional information on charging stations

charging stations


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