Pipe Thawing

Bursting water pipes are a major concern when winter temperatures drop below freezing. Frozen pipes burst when the pressure inside the pipes build up.

Why do frozen pipes burst? When the water inside the pipes freezes, it expands; and as the ice expands it pushes water toward the closed faucet. This causes an immense amount of water pressure to build between the ice blockage and the faucet.  Eventually the pipe ruptures under the pressure.

Using electric thawing units, clamps are attached to the pipe. The clamps provide continuous heating for the fast thawing of frozen pipes.

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Why defrost water pipes using an electrical current?

Benefits over other methods:

  • No opening or dismantling of water pipes
  • Faster than other methods
  • Can often be done on old pipes, frozen due to not being buried deep enough
  • Multiple access points possible
  • Zero risk, subject to certain conditions
  • Can simultaneously thaw water pipes on neighbouring properties, subject to certain conditions.


The Britton team is specially trained to electrically thaw frozen pipes


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