Power Distribution

Power Distribution is where it all begins. It demands highly trained professionals and specialized equipment and Britton Electric is one of the few electrical contractors that can meet these rigorous requirements. The team, deep in knowledge and expertise has what it takes.

The Essentials


  • Breaker testing and verification
  • Check metering
  • Electrical installation of industrial process equipment
  • Emergency calls
  • Emergency generating systems
  • Motor control
  • Transformers and switchgear
  • Hydro-Québec line transfers
  • Installation and repair of high voltage cables
  • Preventative maintenance of high and low voltage substations
  • Transformer and high voltage cable testing
  • Start-up and commissioning of substations
  • Power equipment
  • High voltage equipment
  • High voltage exterior and interior substations
  • High voltage Hydro service entrance
  • In-house inventory of high voltage equipment
  • Low voltage Hydro service entrance
The Hard to Find


  • Coordination study
  • Ground fault protection study
  • Power factor correction
  • Private metering and billing systems
    • Voltage sag and swell
    • Kilowatt
    • Power factor
    • Harmonic
    • Amperage
    • Kilovolt amperage
    • Power consumption
  • Protection relay testing and verification
  • Relay protection analysis
  • Short circuit study

Britton Electric’s capabilities in Power Distribution includes high and low voltage substation work, line transfers, cabling, the installation of transformers and switchgear right through to the control panels.

We also have an extensive in-house inventory of high and low voltage equipment, both common and hard-to-find. This means that we can provide our customers with more cost-effective services and complete our projects much quicker. With parts on hand, we avoid unnecessary and costly delays while waiting for manufacturers’ deliveries.


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