Preventative Maintenance

Britton Electric provides extensive maintenance, diagnostic and analytic services using the latest technologies and best available instrumentation for measurement and evaluation.

An important aspect of our Preventative Maintenance Program is an Infrared Thermographic Inspection that has been proven to be the quickest and the most cost-effective inspection technique for electrical equipment.

The Essentials


  • Breaker testing and verification
  • Relay testing
  • Check metering
  • Electrical contingency plan
  • Emergency calls
  • Emergency generating systems
  • High voltage exterior and interior substations
  • Hydro-Québec line transfers
  • Installation and repair of high voltage cables
  • Preventative maintenance of high and low voltage substations
  • Transformer and high voltage cable testing
  • Liquid filled transformer repairs
  • Oil testing
  • Power factor correction
  • Repair, refurbish and rebuild electrical equipment
  • Thermographic Inspections
The Hard to Find


  • Coordination study
  • Ground fault protection study
  • Commercial electrical inspections
  • Residential electrical inspections
  • Harmonic survey
  • Power demand and energy consumption study
  • Private metering and billing systems
    • Voltage sag and swell
    • Kilowatt
    • Power factor
    • Harmonic
    • Amperage
    • Kilovolt amperage
    • Power consumption
  • Voltage study

A typical list of equipment verified during a Preventative Maintenance check can include circuit breakers, disconnect switches, protection relays, transformers, AC and DC motor control centre, as well as cables and connectors which are part of high and low voltage substations.

We will also perform:

  • Protection relay testing and verification
  • Relay protection analysis
  • Short circuit studies

Required by insurance companies as part of a regular maintenance program, Infrared Thermographic Inspections can detect many hidden weaknesses and defects before they lead to equipment failure.

Done without any interruption to electrical service, all types of power distribution systems are visualized thermographically, photographed digitally, examined and verified by Britton Electric’s expert staff.


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