Britton Electric serves Montréal and it’s surrounding areas with expert relamping services. The company is the premier electrical contractor in the province of Québec and is known for its ability to deliver the full range of relamping specialties.

The timely maintenance of lighting and fixtures is an essential part of property management. It is important to know that you can depend upon your electrical contractor to do the job correctly, on time and on budget.

Group relamping, one of the key aspects of lighting maintenance, will improve energy usage and efficiency. It allows greater cost control, reduces overall labour costs and avoids expensive and unexpected emergency situations.

Implementing a scheduled lighting maintenance plan ensures that your properties always provide the proper lighting environment, optimal retail area visibility and safe working conditions, which in turn improves occupant satisfaction.

Our specialties include commercial properties such as chain and retail stores as well as offices.

Relamping Services and Specialties

  • Lighting audits and recommendations
  • Lighting surveys
  • Scheduled lighting inspection and maintenance
  • Group relamping – interior and exterior lighting
  • Spot relamping – interior and exterior lighting
  • Sales floor relamping
  • Aisle relamping
  • Retrofit of lights and fixtures
  • Lighting repairs – interior and exterior
  • Retrofit repairs – interior and exterior
  • Ballast replacement – interior and exterior
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Pot light transformer replacements
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of used lights


  Preventative Maintenance
  Service Calls