Thermographic Inspection

An important component of our Preventative Maintenance Program is the Infrared Thermographic Inspection. Using specialized equipment, electricians view the interior electrical components that are immediately verified.

This has been proven to be the quickest and the most cost-effective inspection technique for electrical equipment.

Required by insurance companies as part of a regular maintenance program, Infrared Thermographic Inspections can detect many hidden weaknesses and defects before they lead to equipment failure. Some examples are:

  • Poor contacts and connections
  • Oxidization
  • Degradation of conductors and insulation
  • Incorrect conductor or protection device
  • Phase unbalance

Done without any interruption to electrical service, all types of power distribution systems are visualized thermographically, photographed digitally, examined and verified by Britton Electric’s expert staff.

Our technicians are specially trained to analyze the data onsite, and if required, can perform any emergency repairs immediately.

Following, our complete written report provides:

  • Comparative photos of the tested equipment as taken by a digital camera and the infrared images captured by the thermographic equipment
  • Detailed analysis of findings
  • Diagnosis of cause
  • Recommended action and follow-up


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