Success Story

IKEA Distribution Centre

This IKEA Distribution Centre is located in Beauharnois, Québec and serves all of Québec and Ontario.

The Story

The Distribution Centre is divided into 3 distinct areas – Building #1, Building # 2, Building #3, plus offices, pump house and guard house.

The complex represents a total of 97 500 square meters.

LEED – Silver LEED Certification

We demonstrated our capacity to work on projects at all LEED certification levels and as part of the process, we incorporated LEED specifications in our proposal.

Scope of Work

  1. Complete electrical distribution network including electrical room to service the entire facility
  2. Hydro-Québec entry with underground installation of electrical conduits in concrete slabs placed in trenches
  3. Complex and multi-level system of electrical pipe racks throughout the entire complex
  4. Power supply to the controllers for the Centre’s 480-volt robotic systems
  5. Fire alarm system
  6. Electric vehicle charging stations
  7. Outdoor and periphery lighting

Challenges and Solutions

Working in a facility of this size, and in particular the 33-meter-high ceiling, required innovative installation techniques.

Moving electrical equipment quickly and easily through the facility presented a logistical challenge. A custom-made metal-framed structure was built in the Britton pre-fab department that safely held electrical panels. This provided a way to easily maneuver the equipment and significantly improved the speed of their installation.

The Britton Advantage

  1. Prefab of all electrical conduits by Britton’s in-house department sped up the installation and allowed for a more cost-effective solution
  2. Expertise in LEED projects
  3. Capacity to coordinate and provide real-time information and feedback on large-scale projects
  4. Proactive team to find creative solutions to challenges