New Construction

Each Construction project is different and, as such, so are the electrical contracting requirements. Whether you need us to work from fully engineered drawings and specifications or to deliver a complete turn-key solution and anything in-between, Britton Electric is ready to provide a full range of services.

The Essentials
  • Electrical Heating
  • Electrical installation of industrial process equipment
  • Plant set-up
  • Emergency generating systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • High voltage exterior and interior substations
  • Industrial instrumentation and control
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Motor control
  • Security systems
  • Sound system wiring and cabling
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems
The Hard to Find
  • Audio/Visual wiring and cabling
  • Coordination study
  • Data and telephone network cabling
  • Lighting control and automation
  • Private metering and billing systems

At Britton Electric, we often work from fully designed drawings and specifications provided by our clients’ architects and engineers.

As well, in many cases, our in-house team of project managers and engineers collaborate with our customers’ design professionals. This may involve budgeting and cost control, consultations during the design phase, priority setting and work scheduling.

‘Fast-track’ projects call for on-site responsiveness, organization and close cooperation with the general contractor, owner and design specialists. Called ‘fast-track’ because the project must be completed very quickly, the work is executed on the fly, moving ahead even as the design continues to be finalized.

Experienced and proficient, Britton Electric’s field staff are prepared to provide workarounds in unexpected situations while keeping in sync with the entire project.

We also have the expertise and manpower to carry out all-inclusive design-build projects, including engineering and drawings, to provide a full turn-key solution.


  Plant Set-up
  Home Automation
  High Voltage