We have years of experience working in partnership and in combination with consulting engineers in the various markets of industrial, institutional and commercial electrical contracting.

What consulting engineers design, we execute. Britton Electric is an integral part of the team as we work from fully designed drawings and specifications provided by our clients’ architects and engineers.

As well, in many cases, our in-house team of project managers collaborates with customers’ design professionals to deliver the project. This may involve budgeting and cost control, consultations during the design phase, priority setting and work scheduling.

We provide technical services and site surveys. We assist consulting engineers conducting due diligence and we often work jointly with them.

Many consulting engineers have made us their electrical contractor of choice. This is because of our ability to work as a team player, our expertise in partnering on ‘Fast-track’ projects and our wide range of high quality of services.


  New Construction
  Technical Services
  Preventative Maintenance
  Thermographic Inspection
  High Voltage