Insurance Companies

Britton Electric works with insurance companies in numerous ways. We may be called by one of our customers following an emergency caused by a major electrical failure, fire or flood, or an insurance company may call us directly.

Following a disaster, we assist our clients during the claim process and cooperate, as needed, with the insurance adjustors. We find the fastest and most cost-effective way to restore service, whether it is to repair or to replace the electrical components. Supported by a strong administrative team, Britton Electric provides comprehensive estimates and detailed billing

Many insurance companies require a client to participate in a Preventative Maintenance Program as a condition of coverage. Britton Electric performs Thermographic Inspections, done without any interruption to power. The inspection detects many weaknesses and defects, not visible to the eye, before they lead to equipment failure. Additionally, under shut-down conditions, we clean and disinfect electrical equipment to ensure optimal electrical performance.


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